Board of Directors

Dr. Scott Blumenthal, MD
Texas Back Institute
Director & Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Specialization: Spine Surgeon and Arthroplasty Expert

Dr. Zbiggy J. Brodzinsky, MD
Dubai Bone & Joint Center
Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon
Specialization: Adult Spine & Trauma

Dr. Tara Greaves, ND
Bedford Natural Health Clinic
Specialization: Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Terry Liu, MS, MBA, CPA and CFP

Hemenway and Barnes
Director and Treasurer

Richard Longland, MS
The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, Inc. & ADRSupport
CEO & Founder

Justin Medoff, CPA
Nardella & Taylor, LLP
Tax Advisor

Dr. Daniel Plev, MD
London Spine Clinic Ltd
Specialization: Neurosurgery

Katherine Poehlmann, PhD
Author & Researcher
Specialization: Arthritis diagnosis and treatment

Amy Price, PhD
R& D Director, Sparks of Genius/Thinking Pays
Specializations: Spinal Injury, Neuroscience, Alternative Healing

Steven Takemoto, Associate Professor
University of California, San Francisco
Specialization: Clinical trials & outcomes research

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