The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

We want everyone “back on their feet!” We empower patients by including them in a global community, providing support in their problem-solving and accelerating their path to wellness. We help patients research and consider the best solution for their joint diseases, whether device-based, biological, or naturopathic. We believe that many “chronic” diseases do indeed have cures.

We’ve conducted research since 2006, focusing on innovations in biofilm therapeutics, nutrition, immunology and energy medicine. Our success is measured by patients’ ability to return to work, recreation and their freedom of movement. Our day-to-day operations are rooted in our commitment to education, patient care, and advocacy.

Our organization has an unusual and important mission: to help patients with undiagnosed and untreated bacterial infections find a path to wellness. Why do we care? Because millions of people in this country have UNDIAGNOSED and UNTREATED infections! Whether it be Lyme disease, periodontal infections, hospital-acquired infections or a litany of other conditions — this silent epidemic is killing our country slowly and surely. In 2004, the founder of our non-profit was sickened by an undiagnosed disease after spine surgery.

In the months that followed, a list of maladies appeared: headaches; neck, throat and shoulder pain; and random “lightning shocks.” In 2005 and 2006, other problems emerged and challenged his sanity: cardiovascular and neurological troubles; bone-crushing fatigue; and the proverbial brain fog. During this time, he started the ADRSupport Community for spine patients from all over the world. In 2006, he started The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, whose mission supports patients facing joint diseases.


After battling the medical system, he was finally diagnosed with a systemic bacterial infection in 2007. The mycoplasma pneumonia that disabled him could have originated from any number of sources: the surgical intubation process, the hospital, any public place, or even a tick. He visited more than twenty doctors for a diagnosis. During this difficult period, he created The Arthroplasty Patient foundation, produced its first educational film and helped spine patients get “back on their feet” with an active global discussion board. His focused research on both antimicrobials & anti-biofilm treatments led to his treatment and recovery using pharmaceutical and naturopathic agents.

Richard Longland is the creator and producer of the film Why Am I Still Sick, which began in 2009 with his on-camera interviews with bacterial biofilm authorities. Since then, he has learned a great deal about the human and economic costs associated with chronic bacterial infections — biofilms — from university researchers, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, government researchers and dental professionals.

At Ondine Biopharma, his interviews revealed that 38,000,000 people in this country have (or had) a chronic sinus problem. At Southwest Regional Woundcare Center, Dr. Randy Wolcott explained that 550,000 deaths related to biofilm infections occur annually – almost the same number of fatalities as cancer – and thirty times the number of AIDS patients lost each year. Doctor David Kennedy, a retired dentist, lamented that most adult Americans have gum disease — another bacterial biofilm condition involving chronic infection. So just how big is this stealthy healthcare epidemic? This is the profound question that forms the narrative of this unusual documentary.


In an unusually proactive effort to share work in progress with the public, we publish educational videos with various medical experts interviewed for Why Am I Still Sick. Please see our “interviews in progress” with biofilm authorities on our youtube channel.