The existence of biofilm was documented in 1683 and rediscovered in the late 1970s. Molecular diagnostics have now demonstrated the omnipresence of biofilms in medical conditions affecting more than 17,000,000 people annually. The ground-breaking film Why Am I Still Sick identifies the multifaceted roles of biofilms in causing persistent disease and offers startling revelations through interviews with medical experts and patients. The film paints a grim picture of the diagnostics infrastructure within the American medical system; but presents solutions, especially in the dental, wound and ENT areas. Also on this DVD is Epiphanies in Microbial Infections: Decades of Biofilm Research Illuminated, an educational discussion between two biofilm pioneers: Dr. Randy Wolcott and the late Dr. Bill Costerton.

We understand that most people have never heard of biofilms, let alone their crucial role in chronic bacterial disease. And we know that bacterial biofilms have existed on this planet for eons and have always been part of nature. But for mankind, the “nature” of disease is changing. And the human community is finally learning how bacterial communities are working together to survive – and thrive – in human beings for long periods of time.

In an effort to help people grasp the breadth and depth of bacterial biofilms, and how they cause chronic bacterial diseases that affect tens of millions of Americans, we created an online community focused specifically on microbial biofilms. Inquiring minds will find an interesting mix of articles, commentary and video interviews with experts. This is cutting-edge intelligence to help you get the 8th grade biology lesson you never had! You may also register and discuss any aspect of our film….on biofilms!
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